What it really means to go global

Historically, companies could focus on developing a local, regional then national profile before thinking about exporting their products or intellectual property overseas.

The traditional route has been to start the export drive by seeking government help (which is still a good thing). Maybe attend a trade delegation, have a presence at an international exhibition or two and then think about getting an export manager?

Those days are gone, the world has moved on at an incredible pace

  • There are now more mobile devices than people on the planet
  • By 2018, nearly 70% of all data traversing the Internet is going to be video. That is five million years of video crossing the Internet every month!
  • It is predicted that by 2020 there will be 11.6 billion Mobile-Connected devices in use around the world
  • Companies who don’t have a global strategy are now regarded as quaint and out of touch.

The drive towards healthy lifestyles, preventative, and personalised health and social care is growing rapidly and is truly GLOBAL in scale and opportunity. Business angels and finance providers operating in this sector expect businesses to have a global strategy from the outset.

Knowing how and when to start you global journey and make sense of what can be a bewildering and confusing opportunity, has become increasingly difficult for many companies and seemingly nigh on impossible for those starting out.

That’s where NTH comes in…

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